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enerTIC: Sponsoring Climate Planet to promote sustainability

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Sponsoring Climate Planet to promote sustainability

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As a main sponsor of Climate Planet, a climate change campaign for consumers, Johnson Controls will showcase its own sustainable solutions to show consumers environmentally responsible options. One of Johnson Controls' goals for the campaign is to showcase what environmental responsibility looks like inside the refrigeration industry, since refrigerants are an important topic around climate change.

Taking place in Denmark, the campaign launches this month to inform consumers about climate change to motivate them to take action. The focal point of the show is the showcase itself, which is a large-scale model of planet Earth (diameter of 78 feet). 

Inside this massive replica, visitors will be able to attend a show on climate change. The show will feature live transmissions from the United States' NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) satellites showing a combined view of the weather across the entire planet in real-time. One of the key messages underscores that we only have "one Earth" with the catchphrase: "We have no planet B – let's keep our planet cool." This is also the message of the 35-minute movie about our world's climate situation, which guests can view within the exposition.

In addition, collaboration with United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) Action Campaign, World Wildlife Fund and other nonprofit agencies developed the ideas behind Climate Planet. Climate Planet is also formalizing a cooperation with the Climate Action branch of the UN (UNFCCC). The initiative is gaining significant momentum with the support of these partners and sponsors.

In November, Johnson Controls and Climate Planet will visit Bonn, Germany, for the COP23 summit, the 23rd climate change conference held by the United Nations to set a global agenda for battling climate issues. The prestigious COP meeting is considered one of the most important platforms for securing a greener future for our planet. The Climate Planet globe has been granted a place in the city center of Bonn, Germany, during the summit to spark conversation about climate change. Johnson Controls aims to leverage this opportunity to lead the conversation in the development of environmentally friendly standards for industrial equipment by hosting our own Climate Summit.

After visiting Bonn, Climate Planet will continue on a tour of 24 European cities to inform consumers and change their views and habits, while continuing to work with partners like Johnson Controls to set new standards for responsible consumption.

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