Cómo la información en tiempo real facilita la transición energética de las redes de BT



As CEO at NEXXTLAB Olivier Piraux is responsible to manage and develop in team innovative solutions for the energy transition based on the enabling and the use of the realtime interaction between the energy actors: the end-use, the energy service providers and the grid operators. He started working at Electrabel, as Operation Plant Manager and soon moved to multiple innovative projects, focusing on the energy transition,  liberalization and organization. In 2004 as partner he took over the responsibility of the development of the Powerdale SCRL. In this position he created in team a complete range of products and services to offer the best in class customizable energy and electro-mobility solutions. Olivier Piraux holds a Master degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering from the ECAM. He holds additional diplomas from the ULB Management School, Safety Management from FPMS.