Ángel López

Director Global Energía, Utilities y Environment en VASS


We are a leading digital solutions company present in 26 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Pacific, with more than 4,600 professionals. We help large companies in their digital transformation process, developing and executing the most innovative and scalable projects, from strategy to operations. We are fully committed to society. In 2019 the VASS Foundation was created to promote research, foster tech talent, andenable the digital society. We allocate 2% of our profits and 1% of the entire team’s time to community
initiatives. All our growth comes from our talented people, passion for innovation, and a constant search for improvement, always the VASS way: “Complex made simple”.

Sobre Ángel López

Director global de desarrollo de negocio con más de 25 años de experiencia en consultoría y soluciones digitales para los sectores de energía, utilities, logística e industria. Enfocado al cliente, ayudándole a hacer simple la complejidad inherente a la adopción por los negocios del estado del arte en las tecnologías y soluciones digitales. Liderando en VASS el mercado global de Energía, Utilities y Environment.