Dafydd Davies

Global Head of Marketing en Trade Cloud Services


TradeCloud is a secure network of trusted partIes enabled to find & execute the optimal trade.
Built by people who truly understand the physical commodities business, and utilizing cutting edge technology, TC enables communications between trade counterparts and service providers in a secure and fully auditable environment –the operations are streamlined and the collaboration – efficient & compliant – resulting for a more secure, competitive and sustainable business.
Our platform empowers the realization of tangible value from ESG acitivities, linking such acitivity to a physical cargo, allowing for monetization of sustainability efforts & opportunities for profitability.

Trade Cloud Services Pte Ltd

TradeCloud is a distributed ledger, mobile and cloud powered platform that enables commodity companies to conduct their commercial and operational business in a more transparent, compliant, efficient and secure manner

Sobre Dafydd Davies

Experienced commodities trader with deep knowledge of global supply chains through managing trading books at E.ON, Trafigura and Goldman Sachs. Now implementing emerging technologies in the commodities industry.

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