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Evergy Streamlines Operational Practices with Oracle Utilities Solution

16 de marzo de 2023
Evergy consolidated multiple operational systems to streamline operator responsibilities with Oracle Utilities LEC and Oracle Utilities NMS.

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Evergy delivers electricity to more than 1.6M customers in Kansas and Missouri. Evergy chose Oracle Utilities Live Energy Connect (Oracle Utilities LEC) as a middleware integration platform for its operational data. Oracle Utilities LEC was selected because it could:


  • Simplify creation and management of data flows across operational technology (OT)
  • Deliver a platform for interoperability between systems so that the entire DA network could populate

Evergy’s operational systems with data.

  • Issue remote controls and display operational data in real time with a GIS
  • Provide Data Front End Processor subsystem to Oracle

By leveraging Oracle Utilities LEC, Evergy was able to quickly develop, integrate, and implement an updated data architecture that displays all operational data in real time, monitors the status of field devices, establishes alarm parameters, and controls more than 3,000 automated devices transacting 90,000 data points of information.

Evergy completed the project in less than six months and was able to reduce the number of operator screens to two from six. Evergy is now looking to double the capacity of the system to meet their pressing device automation demands.

With Oracle Utilities LEC, Evergy reduced the total cost and time of aggregating all operational data. Because Evergy embedded some of its operational logic in Oracle Utilities LEC, it is hopeful this will reduce future integration requirements by making the data integration of new assets and system more efficient. Oracle Utilities LEC functions as a protocol translator, data cleaner, OT message bus, and modular hub for future integrations. Oracle Utilities LEC strengthened Evergy’s existing OT architecture.

Just a few days after going live, Evergy experienced one of its largest outage events. This unplanned stress test of Oracle Utilities LEC was a success: all systems performed as expected and the time needed to restore power was significantly reduced.