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15 febrero 2022

Próximos Webinars Mathworks: Developing Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cell Applications with MATLAB and Simulink

En esta serie de webinars aprenderá cómo el diseño basado en modelos ayuda a ingenieros y científicos a alcanzar las especificaciones de diseño y rendimiento del sistema en las distintas etapas de la cadena de suministro de hidrógeno.


Hydrogen produced by renewable energy sources (known as «Green Hydrogen») can be used to reduce emissions in multiple applications, from steel production to fuel cells for electric propulsion. But the switch to a hydrogen-based economy has multiple technological and economic challenges: cost-competitive production, secure transportation, and storage, efficient use in operation.

Please join this webinar series to discover how Model-Based Design from MathWorks supports engineers and scientists to achieve their objectives and key system performance indicators at the various stages of the hydrogen supply chain.

Topic Session Date/Time Duration

Green Hydrogen Production in Microgrids > 30 March, 09:00 CET 60 min. Register
Developing Hydrogen Systems from Tank to Fuel Cell > 6 April, 09:00 CET 60 min. Register
Fuel Cell Integration for Electrified Propulsion > 26 April, 09:00 CET 60 min. Register

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